I have known Dr. Schaffer for two decades, and I cannot overstate the quality and expertise of the care she has provided.  I have some dental issues that resulted from childhood medical treatment, and Dr. Schaffer has helped me address and manage them throughout my adult life.  Whether it entailed replacing failing/inferior restorations (fillings/crowns), spotting impending problems during check-ups and x-rays, or placing major new restorations, I have only had great experiences with Dr. Schaffer.  I have teeth that have been saved because of her sharp eyes assessing an x-ray.  She has met me to provide care during weekend hours (an emergency root canal that has never given me a moment's trouble), and also provided excellent referrals when that was required.  If you are looking for a talented professional with true expertise who takes great pride in the quality of care she provides, then look no further.  I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.  On top of all that, she's just a very nice person with a great heart, and great hands.  I should also add that she maintains a wonderful staff-- great hygienists and assistants in her office, who always provide a very high standard of care, as well.  My wife and I will never see anyone else, and we're happy to make the trip over from Boone to see these folks!  Thanks, Dr. Schaffer and staff, for the wonderful care over the last decades!

Greg Simmons
Boone, NC



Dear Dr. Schaffer,
     Thank you for replacing my two front teeth and restoring my smile after a thirty year old bridge failed.  Your patience, dental skills and professionalism resulted in a removeable device which looks more natural than the bridge, is as functional as my other teeth and is so comfortable I often forget to remove it at night.
     You carefully explained my options at least twice and developed treatment plans that were within my financial limits.  Many thanks for creating a healthy smile at a reasonable cost.

Bob Kaiser
Linville Falls, N.C.




Been meaning to let you know that, "You got the right tooth".  (There were 2 in the treatment plan to eventually be crowned.) I can't tell you how great my mouth feels!  Little symptoms that I had just adapted to are gone, and now I realize how big those symptoms really were and how badly I needed that tooth crowned.  Thanks so much for the great job you did and do.

Fredel Reighard



Just a short note to thank you for your continued professionalism and always being there for me when I am in a time of need.

Two weeks ago, after just arriving at the beach for a week, I suddenly felt like lightning hit one of my molars and I was in severe pain.  I called your office and you immediately phoned in some pain killers and an antibiotic for me, and I noticed immediate relief.  With the medication I was able to enjoy my week down at Sunset Beach.  All because of you.

Then today you quickly worked me into your scheduled, and filled the temporary filling from the root canal that I got last week.  

You and your staff are simply the best and I would recommend your services to anyone.


Sincere thanks,

David Conrad



I had known Carol Schaffer for years but didn't become her patient until my regular dentist proved completely ineffective during a serious emergency. I had had a bout with shingles, and some combination of the effects of shingles and dental work to pull a tooth and create a bridge left me in the worst pain of my life (except possibly for childbirth).

For three months, I badgered my regular dentist, seeking relief until it became clear that he simply thought I was an intransigent patient. In desperation I called Carol Schaffer for a second opinion. My condition became clear to her after she tried various solutions to no avail. During this time, she contacted me daily, and kept reassuring me that she would figure out what was wrong. She eventually realized that I had trigeminal neuralgia, sometimes called the suicide disease because of the terrible pain it causes. She got me a speedy appointment with a neurologist, and the problem subsided to become negligible.

I will never be able to repay the care and concern she offered me in my hours of real need. Since becoming my dentist, she has created a crown for one tooth, and I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I drive nearly an hour from my house to Carol's office because she is the best.

Ingrid Kraus


"Dr. Schaffer has been my dentist for longer than either of us would like to admit.  I was one of her first patients when she worked in Boone with Dr. Bridgeman.  She's done almost every conceivable type of dental work for me, including at least 5 crowns and a couple of root canals.  I've never had problems with any of it.  Indeed, when I see periodontists or other specialists, they always comment on the quality of my crowns and fillings.   Her rates are fair and she stands behind her work.  She's often gone out of her way to accommodate me in an emergency, even once meeting me at her office on a Saturday to fix a problem that couldn't wait.   Most important, she knows her patients and does her best to make them comfortable (I don't like needles and she's the only one I'd go to for any procedure that involved an anesthetic).   Kim, Deneesa, Jessica, and Laura are all first rate, efficient, and share Dr. Schaffer's concern for patient welfare.  Going to the dentist is just about my least favorite thing to do, but I happily make the 40-minute drive from Boone to Linville because I know I'll get the best dental care in the region.

Tim Silver

Professor of History



"Dear Dr. Schaffer, Although we have had continuous dental care since childhood, it is your excellence in dentistry that has given us true dental health.  Thanks for improving our quality of life. Sincerely, John"



"I want to thank you girls for the most pleasant “dentist” experience I have ever had! As you could tell, (I’m sure) I don’t have going to the dentist on the top of my list, but I actually am looking forward to seeing you again!  Thanks so much! ~ Barbara"



"My teeth and smile (which is important to me because I love to smile) have never looked better. As a result, I feel like I am aging more gracefully and I am more confident in business and public speaking situations. You are a true professional- a real perfectionist and the best dentist I have ever known. Thanks for all you do for me. ~ Rusty"


"Dear Dr. Schaffer,

I wanted to take a moment to say that when you suggested that I have my “bite adjusted”, I really didn’t see how that would help me.

I was to the point of not being able to sleep, waking up throughout the night with severe jaw pain and migraines.  I was also getting migraines throughout the day.  Lack of sleep of course added to more troubles in my life and Really.. how would adjusting my bite stop all that?!

Well...Thank you very much!

I have not had any of these problems ever since you adjusted my bite!

I ALSO want to Thank you and the girls for SINGING TO ME... in an effore to relieve my “freak out” over my drilling visits!

I have Never had a dentist or office personnel so nice, and so caring!

I am very thankful to you and yes, I will be back for more drilling!

Thanks Again!